UTV Underground Presents: RJ Anderson XP1K4 Insanity!

THIS. IS. BADASS.Enter for your chance to win the GTR Redline or $50,000 in ...


Enter for your chance to win the GTR Redline or $50,000 in Ca$h!
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If you Google “Badass” this should be the very first result on the list! RJ Anderson and his RZR basically doing all of the things, from jumps to tunnels to jumping from tunnel to tunnel! There’s a gravity wall, some berms and banks, there is even the equivalent of a RZR Field Goal kick, complete with backwards rotation! Even the opening animation is a work of art that we caught ourselves watching over and over! This UTV is a beast, and it handles all of the punishment like a champ, even hitting some rail slides that any pro skater would be proud of!

Just sit back, hit that play button and watch as RJ puts his machine through the paces, shredding the insane course and absolutely demolishing conventional conceptions of cool!

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