Turbo Opel SWITCHES LANES Doing a Wheelie… This Guy is a Wild Driver!!

If you should so happen to have a small car making big power, things can tend to get ...

If you should so happen to have a small car making big power, things can tend to get a little bit rowdy and unpredictable out there on the racing surface. With a car like this LSx twin turbo powered Opel, you simply never know what’s going to happen when that boosts spools up and the car launches for the moon! At times, the machine can admittedly get just a little bit sketchy, skating around on whatever racing surface it is that it’s going to town on.

“The twin turbo LSx Opel is back!,” 1320video says, “This time we found the twin 76mm turbo LSX Opel at a airfield event just outside of Stockholm, Sweden at a No Prep event call LandRacing! The CRAZY driver named Dennis is one of those characters you never get tired of watching. The Opel FLIES out the hole and swinging for the fences ALL THE WAY down the track. Competing in the big tire class, he does his best to gap the competition!”

Follow along down the video below as 1320 takes us to Stockholm to follow all the action as this small and rowdy machine utilizes all of that power to weight ratio to launch off of line as hard as it can. However, things might have gotten just a little bit out of hand. Luckily, even though it’s a back and forth show that will have your heart just about jumping out of your throat, nothing serious came of the matter. Watching a car slide around like this and get all sketchy is always a lot more fun when you know that nobody was hurt and no damage was incurred in the instance. At the end of the day, you don’t want to see anybody having to go through fixing their car to get it back to action.


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