“THE BEAST” 54″ Tires and 1000 Horsepoer!

The guys over at the MadRam11 YouTube channel cover some of the wildest machines to ...

The guys over at the MadRam11 YouTube channel cover some of the wildest machines to go off of the beaten path. These guys travel all over the country, getting their cameras on some of the wildest rides to ever hit the dirt and this time, they bring the pain with yet another impressive machine that sings to the tune of 1000 hp, all while spinning 54-inch tires to get to where it needs to go. When you tie all of these factors together, you really come out with a mammoth of an off-road buggy, one that can really turn spectators’ heads along with taking down the competition at the same time.

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In this little featurette, we get to hear all about the ins and outs of the beast. These guys really threw their own special twist in the mix to make this machine different than the rest, making it something personal that you’d have to see to believe. Meanwhile, all of this is topped off with gobs of power that really help in just about any situation, including one where you need to power your way through the elements and come out on top.

Check out the video below that takes you inside of such a machine and walks you through exactly what it takes to put something like this rig together. It’s not every day that you see a rowdy, wild 1000 hp off-road beast of a creation come to life so listen in and maybe learn a thing or two about what exactly something like this takes to bring together. After hearing about the ups and downs that were behind the scenes while wrenching, the effort that really made all of the aspects here come together like clockwork, tell us what you think of such a machine that really seems to be unstoppable.


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