Tesla Model S P100D Ludicrous Plus Dyno Testing on a Mustang Dyno

Tesla’s P100D is known for it’s insane performances on the street and the track ...

Tesla’s P100D is known for it’s insane performances on the street and the track thanks to it’s near-instant electric power delivery and excellent all-wheel drive system, but it’s been all but impossible to say how much actual horsepower and torque the car makes due to all of the gadgetry it carries as part of its hyper-advanced nature making dyno pulls more of a pain in the butt than they were worth.

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However, the guys over at Drag Times decided to jump through all of the hoops and get some actual useful dyno numbers on the car. As you will see in the video below, there are a couple of misfires before the car actually makes the pull that Drag Times shows as the numbers for the car.

The first hiccup came when the car was strapped down and the suspension automatically lowered itself, loosening the straps, which had to be ratcheted back down after the suspension was tweaked properly. Then the car’s onboard telemetry was wreaking havoc with the process, causing codes and general aggravation because the sensors didn’t jive with the wheels spinning on the dyno rollers.

Finally, after several failed attempts, they get a good pull in and the numbers are pretty insane, looking more like the type of numbers you’ll see out of a tuned diesel pickup. The Tesla, with the Ludicrous Plus tune loaded into the onboard computers, laid down a respectable 588 horsepower, but the torque number is the one that jumps off the chart, cranking out a whopping 920 ft/lbs! That, ladies and gentlemen, is the secret to the P100D’s record-smashing acceleration and the reason it’s able to crush just about any other ride from a dig. What do you think about these numbers? Are these the type of results you expected from the Tesla dyno runs?

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