Road Rage Turns Into A Very “Wet” Situation On a Rainy Day!

You know they say, you might want to keep your words soft because they might just ...

You know they say, you might want to keep your words soft because they might just come back around and you’ll have to eat them. This time, I guess that you could say the same applied to actions as these people probably wish they never got into it with this driver in traffic because it would end up getting pretty intense as the driver ended up coming back with a vengeance, showing that he wasn’t happy about the situation and retaliating appropriately. Everything just seems to line up so perfectly during this situation that one could almost say that it might have been staged.

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In this one, pure craziness unfolds as It looks like the person walking here doesn’t want to get out of the way for the driver of the car. When the driver decides that they’ve had enough, they zoom around the pedestrian who doesn’t seem to want to cooperate. However, the pedestrian doesn’t seem too happy with the driver’s actions, for some reason, as they throw a bottle at the car, prompting the copilot here to get pretty enraged, pleading to the driver to go back and do something about it as he doesn’t think that this person should be able to get away with the bottle throwing incident.

Now, this isn’t in your everyday a retaliation that results. In your head, you can probably think of about a thousand ways that this driver was ready to handle the person who made the aggressive gesture at the car, however, instead of any sort of physical confrontation or even pulling the person over to find out exactly what was going to their head, this driver found a massive puddle and laid into the throttle, taking out all of his frustrations by making a wave, quite literally, that would overtake the pedestrians and completely soak them. Follow the video below that will take you along with this messed up yet though so satisfying shot at the bottle thrower.


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