Quickest 6 Speed Corvette In The World… New Record

Seemingly no time after that one guy from that one channel with that one ‘Vette with ...

Seemingly no time after that one guy from that one channel with that one ‘Vette with no body panels grabbed the record for the quickest manually-shifted Corvette at Orlando Speed World, Josh Tonski snatched it away with this run at the notoriously-sticky Maryland International Dragway.

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With a target of 8.48 seconds, Tonski rolled out onto the MDIR surface knowing he would need to make a solid run to take the record. He heated up the rear tires and rolled up to the line, then launched surprisingly soft, presumably to get the car off the line without breaking any parts or losing traction. Once the car got rolling, Josh laid into the loud pedal and let his boosted power plant go to work, and go to work it did!

With some brutally efficient shifting and a whole lot of horsepower, Tonski blitzed the quarter mile to the tune of 8.33 seconds at 176 MPH, knocking almost a tenth and a half off the record. For those who are following the battle for the six-speed Vette record, you probably know the other car made a damn near flawless run to light up the boards with that 8.48, meaning in its current state, the car probably doesn’t have too much more ET left in the tank. Josh, however, left very soft, leaving room for quite a bit of improvement early on in his run. To knock well over a tenth off the record without really leaning on your car off the line is impressive, and I’d be more than willing to bet the car has some 8.teens in it if Josh decides to really push the car and launch it with his foot on the floor, assuming he’s able to keep the tires planted, of course.

Does the other guy in the skeleton of a ‘Vette have enough to climb back to the top, and if so, does Tonski have to do much more than leaving harder to reclaim the record. Maybe he can pull the body panels off his car too? That has to be good for a few hundred pounds, which would translate into quite a bit of ET.

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