Facebook Post while on the Throne Costs User $13k!

Facebook Post on the Throne Costs User $13k!Double entry weekend has started! Click ...

Facebook Post on the Throne Costs User $13k!

Double entry weekend has started! Click the image below to shop.
For every $5 spent claim 2X the entries for the GTS Viper or $50,000 in cash!

When Mike Klesh hopped on Facebook while on the throne, he probably didn’t expect to come out $13,000 lighter in the pockets as a result.

Instead of just your everyday Facebook news feed scrolling, Mike instead decided to treat his dad to a little something nice for his 65th birthday.

When we check out the sick Chevrolet Kodiak pickup truck with a 454 Engine below, we learn that Mike’s dad is one lucky dude to be going home with such a sweet ride! Mike says that it was his “First time checking my FB while on the throne ever has cost me 13k! Gave it to my dad for his b-day. He just turned 65. Love that dude!

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