Man Enjoys His Flying Hammock Via Huge Quadcopter!

Here’s something to file under the “Things you don’t see every day” file, though it ...

Here’s something to file under the “Things you don’t see every day” file, though it may become more common in the not-too-distant future if things continue to process as they currently are in the world of multi-rotor drones.

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This guy is flying around at dizzying heights in his hammock, hoisted by a formidable six rotor drone that obviously has some serious lifting power. I’m not entirely sure I would trust a multi rotor copter to lift me high into the air like this, knowing that many of them have a propensity to just drop unexpectedly out of the sky. This guy clearly has no such trust issue with his drone, though, as he’s seeming relaxing comfortably above the city below.

This brings up a whole like of discussion that we’d like to use to provoke some discussion from you, our fans. With drone technology advancing at the rate it is, do you seem them as a viable means of personal transportation? Taking into consideration the convenience of flying around town as well as safety implications, should we be taking to the skies en masse? A traffic jam in the sky could have terrible consequences if a couple of copters tangle up and fall. In the world of commerce, are drone deliveries the way of the future. We know Amazon has taken a great interest in using drones to make same-day deliveries, could this be the the accepted norm in the future. Will swarms of drones put a dent in the UPS and FedEx delivery business?

Let us know what you think in the comments, and we’d also like to know just how trusting you are with drones. Would you let one fly you around in a hammock? Would you trust a group of drones to carry your car to the other side of town?

Just a man chilling in his flying hammock!Via: Ruptly

Posted by Extreme on Monday, July 3, 2017

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