Macgyver Mechanic Makes Cereal Box Intake!

If you ever needed proof that you can participate in this hobby on a budget and have ...

If you ever needed proof that you can participate in this hobby on a budget and have just as much fun as any high roller, look no farther than the video below! Our buddies over at 1320 Video caught up with this Subaru Forester at a recent Shift Sector event and found out just how much fun can be had without spending a ton of money. This guy even fabbed up a pretty crazy intake using supplies he found around his… pantry!?

That’s right. The custom cold air intake pulls fresh oxygen from the passenger side headlight opening. Using a Ritz Cracker box, a Cheerios box, a section of a Pringles can and a lot of duct tape, the intrepid gearhead built a pretty solid looking airbox that feeds the stock engine some fresh air from outside the engine bay. With the custom airbox in place, the Forester lines up for a shot at the Shift Sector half-mile. While he’s no match for the Viper lined up beside in his first run, the car does lay down a respectable 96 MPH top speed, which really is solid given the fact that nobody ever bought a Forester with the intention of half-miling it!

On the next run, the Subie ups the ante a bit and lays down a pass of 98 MPH, inching him impossibly close to that coveted 100 MPH mark alongside a new Mustang. He makes one more hit, this one a solo run allowing him to focus on nothing more than extracting the most possible speed from his Subie, and finally does eclipse that triple-digit mark, hitting 100.22 MPH through the half mile, a great moment for him and his newly found crowd of fans that took a liking to the guy and his improbable half-mile ride. After his last run, he got to sit down with the Shift Sector promoters for an interview, then talks with the 1320 crew as well! This, ladies and gentlemen, is what the automotive hobby is all about.

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