Lift Stand – Great Idea for Lifting a Car

When it’s time to get to work in the garage, there is certainly no shortage of ...

When it’s time to get to work in the garage, there is certainly no shortage of tools that you can use to wrap up the job. Sure, you might be able to sufficiently do the job with the tools that you have alreadt but, I think that we all understand that there are definitely always tools out there to get the job done better whether it’s because they make the job easier, faster, or some mix of the two. Many of us might not have these specialty tools because racking up costs on tools that you will use once a while just doesn’t make sense most of the time. However, with this unique set of jack stands, you might just find that this is something that might be worth having and that you might use more than just every once in a while.

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In this one, we get a quick look at the nifty invention that slides right underneath of your tires and locks in place when car is jacked up. Obviously, this will be something that you will be able to use only on a vehicle that you don’t need to have the wheels and tires off of. If you find that you don’t need to remove them, this set could prove to give the car a little bit more clearance so that you can get lots of room underneath the machine without needing a traditional lift. The company that makes the stands claims that, should a bigger person use the contraption, that they will end up falling in love with all the space that gives them.

Check out the video down below that shows us what the “My Lift Stand” is all about and tell us if this is something that you would incorporate into your own garage. It’s little things like this that could go a long way toward making sure that you have a more comfortable working experience to wrench every time you head out to the shop.

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