Completely Destroyed Lamborghini Goes Brings Good Money at Auction

Many times, after you wreck a car or truck, the insurance company will end up having ...

Many times, after you wreck a car or truck, the insurance company will end up having to buy it off of you and when they come into possession of such an acquisition, they simply put it up for auction to get as much money as they can out of the machine in the quickest manner possible because they most certainly don’t want to be holding on to a bunch of cars that are nothing more than projects or scrap metal. Surprisingly, some of these cars are really able to bring a good amount of money at auction and can leave you scratching your head as to why. However, we have the answers!

While you’d be inclined to think that only the cars that were a couple of steps away from being drivable again would be the ones to bring the most money, it turns out that there is an entire market in purchasing cars and parting them out, selling various components to other owners of that particular model who might be in need. With that in mind, you could kind of decipher why exactly this Lamborghini that looks to be a ball of scrap and nothing more would yield a stout $13,000 at auction.

To most, the score might look like one that is worth nothing more than its value in scrap metal but to the right buyer, various small components could be worth big bucks if they’re extracted! This Lamborghini, in particular, is not only wrecked to the point where it was unrecognizable but it also caught on fire to make some of the components at hand even more useless as they were beyond recognition. However, it looks like someone saw some big potential here with the thought process that the smallest components could bring them thousands of dollars in profit. Follow along in the video below that shows this crumbled car that looks like a crushed soda can and tell us what you think about the price that it eventually brought at auction. Do you think that something in this condition is worth that much cash, even if it is a Lambo?

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