3000hp Corvette Goes AIRBORNE at High Speeds!

If there’s one thing that you might want to avoid while traveling at speeds ...

If there’s one thing that you might want to avoid while traveling at speeds that almost reach out and touch the 200mph mark, it would be catching any sort of air at all. When you’re rolling at those speeds though, if something were to happen, there probably wouldn’t be too much that you’d be able to do except hang on and hope that momentum does well by you! Steering is probably at a premium should your ride happen to go sideways in such a terrifying situation.

This time, we’re not just talking about lifting the tires a little bit, but rather the entire car launching all fours off of solid ground and into a clench-worthy situation that might just raise your blood pressure. This is most certainly one that will make you drop everything that you’re doing and give your undivided attention to this monster as it soars through the air!

When Kelly Bise hops behind the wheel of his Chevrolet Corvette and rockets down the airstrip for a high-speed pass, the car ends up getting sideways and sliding into the grass where it hits an uneven surface and ends up going airborne, almost launching off of a mound that acts somewhat like a ramp, sending the C6 Corvette flying!

Check out the video below that captures the entire run from start to finish from a multitude of angles. Luckily, the driver walked away and while the car most certainly is torn into, doing quite a bit of body damage and ripping some things up underneath, the machine doesn’t look to be too terribly bent out of shape given what could have happened! This driver should consider himself lucky that he didn’t go rolling because if this car were turned just a couple of degrees in the wrong direction, this one could have gotten incredibly ugly!

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