1,000 Rockets Strapped to One Bike… This is Going To Be Epic!

Colin Furze is an idiot, but he’s the best kind of idiot. He’s smart ...

Colin Furze is an idiot, but he’s the best kind of idiot. He’s smart enough to come up with some awesome ideas, skilled enough to bring them to life, and crazy enough to actually try them out for himself. Thankfully, he documents everything and puts it all on YouTube, where he’s built an awesome 5 million subscriber-strong fan base. To celebrate hitting such an awesome milestone, Colin decided to start a new project, one that we can’t wait to see in action.

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Furze had the idea to build a rocket bike, except it’s not at all what you would expect if you closed your eyes and imagined it. He’s not building a bike powered by rockets, but instead, he’s decided to strap 1,000 fireworks rockets to the bike so they can fire off while he’s pedaling away. A sort of mobile launch platform for a whole lot of pyrotechnics. Colin gets to work on the bike, cutting the frame in half and extending it about six feet to allow room for the stack of fireworks boxes. With the frame extended, Furze builds a rudimentary launch trigger and adds a lengthened chain to the bike to make sure it’s rideable.

WIth the bike built, there’s nothing left to do but stack up the boxes of fireworks and then go blast them off as he rides, but that part will have to wait for another video, which we can’t wait to see. The funniest part of this clip is the amazing, high-tech back protection shield Furze builds to keep himself out of harm’s way as the fireworks fly. Watching him bring this key piece of safety equipment to life is one of the funniest bits I’ve ever seen. Hopefully the shield does its job when it’s time to kick off the show and protects him from the rockets!

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